• Particular Sound Modularium v2.0 KONTAKT

    Particular-Sound Modularium v2.0 KONTAKT

    “Modularium” is the first instrument in our series. It’s a multi layer instrument containing 6 modules with different ways to shape the waveforms using synchronized effects and modulations from Kontakt sampler

    Each one of the Modules can do different things:
    The first one is a real modulations monster called “Generator” which is using 8 different waveforms to create a fat sound. The second layer is an instrument called “Vocalirum” – it creates vocal like pads. The third one is named “Paddle”, which can do amazing pads. “Noicesetter” is a noise generator with nice extras
    to tweak.

    You’ll get more than 150 factory presets upfront, which you can tweak, bend and explore.
    Now, with version 2, you’ll also get more than 50 multi patches as well.
    And if you like surprises, take a sound-trip and hit the reworked random button to create
    countless unheard sounds.

    300mb uncompressed samples
    6 layered instruments (modules)
    more than 150 factory presets
    more than 50 multi patches

    to create nice ambient sounds and pads in with a very nice and easy to use Kontakt GUI

    The 6 layered modules / instruments:

    You can enter the other instruments from the main menu by clicking on the icon or you can switch them on/off, use the EQ to give your sound the salt in the soup. The main menu has the ability to randomize “every parameter” in Modularium which is pure fun, it creates interesting new sounds on a mouse click.

     (Size : 276 MB)


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