• Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT

    Native Instruments Kinetic Toys KONTAKT

    Lose yourself in a fantasy world of toy sounds, spacey synthesized free download tones, morphing, and creative effects.

    KINETIC TOYS offers dynamic playback of 200+ recordings of vintage children’s toys, tools, and treats, each with a custom synthesized layer to create playable tones. These are then morphed and processed using a dynamic X-Y modulation system. The result is pristine, evocative, and distinctive sound, ideal for standout leads or quirky rhythmic effects and atmospheres

    Sounds in KINETIC TOYS range from clockwork robots, train sets, and bunsen burners to ping pong balls, pinball machines, and popcorn. This box of treats overflows with 35 themed sound sets, each with eight dynamically mixable toy and synthesized sounds, and manipulated by up to four effects. Both sounds and effects can be manually assigned, ready for modulation and morphing.

    Central to KINETIC TOYS are two X-Y controllers for modulating sound scenes and effects scenes. The ballerina controls the sound scenes. As she dances, sound morphs between eight toy sounds and eight synth layers. Her motion can be played manually and automated

    The robot is controlled exactly like the ballerina, its progress modulating up to eight effects processors. Individual effects are tailored to each theme and fall into four categories: Resonant effects (EQ and filters), spatial processors (such as delays), bitcrushers and distortions, and modulation tools. There are also four assignable modulation sources: Two envelopes and two LFOs.

    version 5.6.8 or higher

    Note: add library by tab menu with standalone 5.6.6 version
    after use library with 5.6.8 UNLOCKED version


     (Size : 3.5 GB)

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